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Our Work

"Flying high and soaring wide."


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  • Virginia Beach key Park Campaign

  • Opa Locka Development Project 

  • JBS Digital Media Internship Program

  • JBS Farm To School model at Excel Academy

  • JBS Mental Health Awareness program

  • JBS Financial Literacy Program  

  • JBS Athletic League 

  • JBS Cultural Arts Center 

  • JBS Business Start-up Training 

  • JBS Personal Growth and Development classes for youth and adults 

  • JBS Youth Entrepreneurship 

Target Audience

Our audience will come from the following zip codes: 33127, 33137, 33138, 33142, 33147, 33150 and we targeted 6 schools in the area: Georgia Ayers, Horace Mann, Brownsville, Miami Northwestern, Miami Edison and Miami Central.


The following information was collected: 

  • Total population: 217,730

  • Total families below poverty: 28.58

  • Total children living in poverty: 45.37 

  • Total Child Population ages 12-17: 14,628 

  • Total % Children- Single Parent Family: 63.7 

  • 72% of the students are African American 

  • verage performance grade is C 

  • 4% of the students are on the free-reduced lunch program. 

  • The drop our rate is 3.3%. 

  • At 79% the graduation rate for students is on a par with that of county students at 80%. Northwestern has a very high 85% graduation rate.


Data Source: Miami-Dade & The Children's Trust (TCT) Kids Stats.



Smiling Teenage Boy

The Young Eagles program objective is to mold and cultivate juvenile males into constructive and productive members of society after they've been direct filed and incarcerated with felonies on their criminal record. Collectively, we can change the recidivism within the Department Of Juvenile Justice system. We can change the route of these young me. We can alter society's stereotype about our troubled teens, who've made bad decisions in their past. 

Program offering: 

  • GED Tutoring 

  • Counseling

  • Creativity Workshops

  • Ceremonial Guardu

  • Toastmasters personal worth 

  • Upward seminars (understanding personal worth and racial dignity)

  • Field trips and excursions

  • Scholarships


These supervised activities will provide substance abuse education, multi-cultural enrichment, physical fitness awareness, discipline, economic and educational alternatives to criminal involvement, decision making and socialization skills and leadership development. Engage them in voting and educate the youth on politics as well as expose them to different walks of life.


  • The City Of Miami 

  • Progressive Officers Club 

  • D.C Department Of Local and Small Business 

  • Circle Of Brotherhood 

  • Progressive Officers Club 

  • P.U.L.S.E.

  • The State Attorney's Office 

  • US Rep. Frederica S. Wilson Office


  • Excel Academy 

  • Jessie Trice Community Center 

  • Black Archives 

  • University Of Florida IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program 

  • The Children's Trust 

  • Georgetown University Law Center 

  • Opa-Locka CDC

  • Love My Legacy LLC.

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